Brakes are Not Working

Ensuring the proper function of your brakes is very important to having a safe ride. Several methods of brake adjustments can be performed on your own with basic tools, however if the problem persists or cannot be identified then please feel free bring your scooter to our store for maintenance. 

Cleaning Debris

With time, riding through the streets is bound to result in dirt buildup on your brake line, brake disc, and brake caliper. If you find that you are experiencing braking issues it is first recommended that you try cleaning your brakes before advancing to other methods of adjustment.

Brake Adjustment

If brake cleaning doesn't resolve your problem, then there are several ways you can tighten or loosen your brakes. The linked article provides instructions adjusting the screws at the tail of the scooter for brake pad and brake line tuning. 

Hand Brake Replacement

Though less common, brake malfunctioning could be due to damage of the hand brake located on the handle bars of your Levy or Levy Plus. Follow the linked resource for information on purchasing and replacing your brake.

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