Scooter Turns Off or Cuts Out While Riding

Motor malfunctions can happen for a variety of reasons, but the source of the problem can be narrowed down to a root cause with a few checks. 

Battery Level

Sudden drops in speed might be the result of low battery, you can check this on your LCD display. Low battery is signaled by a decrease in the number of dots on the bottom of the display. More information on the performance limitations from a low battery can be found through the linked article. 

Levy- Battery Connection

If you have a Levy, improperly closing the charger's dust cover at the base of the battery could lead to connection issues. In order for the battery pins to properly connect with the motor controller the dust cover should be flush with the bottom of the battery. Follow the linked article for additional information and images that might be useful to check your battery condition.

Levy Plus- Battery Connection

If you have a Levy Plus model, momentary power losses could be due to inconsistent connection from the battery to the motor. Your Levy Plus battery should fit snugly into the stem of the scooter, there will naturally be a little movement to the battery. If the battery cuts out while moving up and down in the stem, please take a video and email the support ticket. 


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