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This article is designed to help you diagnose the issues that your scooter may be experiencing. As you can see, certain codes may be displayed for problems in multiple different components, and so it is imperative to correctly diagnose the problem before proceeding with purchasing any replacement parts. If you are unsure about where exactly your scooter's issues lie, please contact us through our online support form. 


A, E1, E7 Code

If any of the above error codes flash, there is likely an issue with the communication cable connecting the top unit to the controller. The recommended repair for this error code would be to replace the stem wire. You see how to replace it on your own here.

B, EB, E2 Code

A B error code signifies that you have an issue with your accelerator/throttle. The recommended action for repair would be to replace the throttle on your scooter, assuming any other obvious wire damage is not known. For a Levy Plus, we recommend replacing the entire top unit. 

C , EC, C0, or E4 Code

A flashing letter "C" on the display screen of a Levy Scooter indicates that either the motor controller or the motor needs to be replaced. You can find information about Swapping out the motor controller on the Levy / Levy Plus and replacing the motor assembly here.

When examining the wiring between the controller and motor, if the wiring on the controller is clipped or broken, the controller is the source of the issue and requires replacement. If not, replace the motor and retest. If the issue persists, replace the controller.

E and F Code

A flashing letter "E" or "F" on the display screen of a Levy Plus scooter indicates connection issues between the battery and the scooter. The most common cause of this is error code is the battery being inserted into the scooter incorrectly. There will always be a 'clicking' sound when the battery is inserted properly into the Levy Plus. The following link goes further in depth: Removing / Inserting the battery on the Levy Plus.

If the battery is clicked in properly and the error code is still occurring, then this connection issue may be caused by damage on either the connector pins of the motor controller or the connection point on the battery itself. If you believe this to be the case, please use the support form on our website to reach out to our team for help.

OC Code

The letters "OC" will always flash on the Scooter's display when it first turns on. If this code goes away after a couple of seconds and the scooter remains on and functioning then there is no reason for concern. 

If the scooter flashes "OC" and then immediately turns off or if the display flashes an "O" or "OC" and  has an unresponsive throttle then there may be damaged on the hall sensor or hall sensor wire of the scooter's motor. This issue will also commonly cause the front motor to 'lock up' so it cannot spin freely. This type of damage is best fixed by replacing the front motor.

F0 Code

If "F0" flashes on your screen and your scooter is refusing to move, your controller has likely entered temperature protection mode. This can happen from riding in extreme temperatures or from some other external heat source acting on the scooter. Try resting the scooter and try again later.


An "E3" error code signifies that there is a brake fault. The source of this fault likely resides within the brake handle which requires it to be replaced. You can check out how to replace your brake handle here. For Levy Plus models, we recommend replacing the entire top unit. 


An "E5" error code signifies there is an issue with the motor controller which requires it to be replaced. You can find information about Swapping out the motor controller on the Levy / Levy Plus here.


An "E6" error code signifies an issue with the battery which requires it to be replaced. You can purchase a new battery pack from our website for both the Levy and the Plus models.


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