Brake Sensors Not Engaging

Is your scooter not able to accelerate? Does your brake light stay engaged? Your brake handle is likely impaired, preventing it from snapping back into its non engaged state. There are a couple reasons for this.


If your brake light is constantly on, your brake handle is not snapping back into place, preventing the motor from accelerating. In the picture on the right, you can clearly see a button that is not engaged. This occurs when the brake is engaged and tells the controller to prevent further acceleration for safety purposes. In the picture on the left, the button is pressed in by the brake handle, and so the motor is allowed to activate normally.



Inside the brake handle, a spring is present to snap the handle back into place. However, over time or due to impacts, the spring can become damaged, fall out of place, or lose its strength. This could prevent the handle from returning to its original position. Additionally, impact to the brake handle itself may damage some of its restoring mechanism, once again, preventing it from snapping back into place.


The recommended repair for both these options is replacing the brake handle entirely. For the Levy Plus, replacing the brake handle is possible, however, we recommend replacing the entire top unit as it is an easier repair to complete. Below are video instructions on how to replace a brake handle for a Levy Plus and the Levy.


Link to brake handle: purchase here

Link to top unit: purchase here


Levy Plus Brake Handle Replacement


Levy Brake Handle Replacement


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