Scooter Turns On But Does Not Go

If you find that your scooter is capable of powering on but is cannot move, here are a few things to check:

Kick Push to Start

By default, every scooter has kick push to start enabled.  This means the scooter will need to moving forward before the throttle can engage.  If you wish to turn this feature off, you can change this settings as per instructions here.

Motor Issue

If you find that your front wheel will not spin when the throttle is pushed then there could possibly be a problem with the motor.  No movement at all, or the front wheel locking up while riding are likely indicators that your motor is failing. if this is the case, your scooter may need a motor replacement, which can be completed independently or at our store.

Change Settings

Your Levy or Levy Plus comes with a preset that does not allow the motor to activate until after the scooter reaches 2MPH. This means that you must give the scooter small push as you hold the throttle to get moving. If you would like to begin riding from a stationary position then you could achieve that by altering your rider settings. The provided link serves as a guide to changing that setting and others you might not prefer. 

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