Battery Won't Charge or Discharges Quickly

Battery issues can happen for a number of reasons, some due directly to the battery itself, and some due to the charger. Consult the sections below for some direction on why your Levy or Levy Plus might be having charge issues. 

Charger and Battery Issues

For a number of reasons, either your charger or battery could be facing issues that prevent your Levy or Levy Plus from charging. Common problems include a blinking charger light or an inability for the battery to reach a full charge. Consult the linked article on charging for a few checks to help identify your problem. 

Battery Degradation

Over time you might find that your Levy or Levy Plus battery drains more quickly than when you first made your purchase. Such change is natural with lithium batteries like the one powering your scooter, however there are battery upkeep practices you can use to have your battery operating like new for as long as possible.

In addition to the battery practices linked above we also have recommendations on how to handle your battery at full charge. Though there is are no serious problems with leaving your scooter plugged in at full charge, we recommend that it is removed to help prolong the battery's optimal performance. 

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