Low Speeds or Cannot Get Uphill

Low speeds and trouble traveling uphill are issues that can arise for reasons including tire pressure and battery levels. Here are a few things to note if you find that your Levy or Levy Plus isn't performing at its best:

Tire Pressure!

We often find that reduced speeds and lower range altogether is commonly due to sub-par tire pressure. Consult the link for additional information on the recommended tire pressure across the tubed and tubeless tire models.

Demanding Terrain

In instances where the terrain you are riding requires a higher demand of your scooter, you might experience performance dips. Demanding terrain can be hills, but also conditions like low-traction trails, or common starts and stops. Tasking rides like these require greater battery demand, which might result in the low speeds that you are experiencing. A sign that your scooter is having trouble is a blinking battery gauge on your display. Follow the link for more information on how to get the most out of Levy or Levy Plus on more taxing trips. 

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