Blinking Battery Gauge


The five battery bars at the bottom of the Levy Scooter's display screen will fluctuate based on the current riding conditions. Driving up inclines or at top speeds will drain the battery faster. Doing either of these can cause the battery gauge to read less battery than the scooter actually has. The scooter typically self adjusts once it moves on to less demanding terrain or comes to a stop.


When the battery drains down to below 20% capacity the scooter will limit the top speed to preserve the remaining battery. When the battery runs out completely, the battery gauge will flash with one bar and the scooter will beep to warn that it is out of battery. 


If the battery appears to drain prematurely, causing the battery gauge to flash and then shut off, there may be an issue with either the battery or the battery connection. Riding a Levy Scooter without the battery cap can cause the battery to disconnect while riding. Similar connection issues can occur if there is an obstruction in the scooter's stem. If the battery is seating correctly in the scooter and the battery cap is fitted properly, then the issue is likely with the battery. Please check out: The Battery is Not Charging for more information. 

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