Battery is Not Charging



Lithium-ion batteries are consumable components. This means that with continued use they will lose their capacity to hold charge. If your battery does have the same range it did when it was new it does not necessarily mean it is defective, but it may need to be replaced. There are instances where the battery or charger stop working because of a defect. Here are some signs to look for to see if this is the case.


Signs that the charger is defective:

  • The light on the charger will not turn on at all
  • The light on the charger turns red when unplugged from the scooter/battery
  • The light on the charger blinks green and red while plugged in 

Signs that the battery is defective:

  • The battery will not charge up to five full bars of power
  • The battery indicates that it has full charge but immediately drops to 50% or below when driven


Battery defects are often a result of incorrect care techniques. Please check out Prolonging the life of your Electric Scooter Battery to see how best to take care of a Levy Scooter battery.



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