My Scooter Won't Turn On

- If you are a new owner of a Levy Scooter, please check out this article about the controls of your Levy: Changing the speed mode - You have to hold down the power button for two seconds to turn the scooter on.


- If the scooter is plugged into the charger, it will not power on. Try unplugging it seeing if this resolves the issue.


- There may be a battery connection issue.

(For a Levy Scooter) If you take the battery out of the scooter to charge, make sure the rubber stopper at the bottom of the battery is pushed back in, flush with the battery, before the battery is inserted into the scooter. If this rubber stopper is left out, it can get jammed between the battery and controller pin which would stop the scooter from turning on. This rubber stopper can also break off inside the scooter stem and become jammed in the controller pin that connects with the battery. If the rubber piece at the bottom of your battery has a chunk missing (see picture below) please check inside the scooter stem this possibility.




(For a Levy Plus Scooter) If you take the battery out of the scooter to charge, make sure the battery is clicked into the controller pin when placed back into the scooter. Check out this article if this sounds like it may be the issue: Removing / Inserting the battery on the Levy Plus.




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  • no - we did all of the recommended fixes.   We literally have had this scooter for 5 days!!!!  Pissed!


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