My scooter stem is loose / wobbly

Over time the stem of your scooter may need to be adjusted to prevent it from feeling loose or wobbly.  There could be two areas of the scooter that need to be tightened.  

1) If your stem isn't necessarily loose but has a creaking sound and a slight wobble, the most common fix is to use a lubricant on the hinge mechanism and tighten the hinge bolts as shown in the video below.  To tighten these bolts, you can use your 3mm hex wrench included in the scooter's packaging. 


2) If the stem has a more significant wobble, it's likely that the 6 screws directly above the folding hinge need to be tightened.  These screws all use a T25 torx bit.  We recommend using loctite before re-inserting the screws to ensure they won't come loose again, as shown in the video below: 





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