Preventative Maintenance

After 180 days, your Levy scooter is likely due for some preventative maintenance. Here at Levy, we recommend regularly checking the components listed below. We are now offering a preventative maintenance service which will include the following maintenance actions for your scooters:

NOTE: Levy offers all of these maintenance options in a bundle priced at $60 per scooter.


Cleaning Off The Brake Line

  • After consistent use, the brake line can become covered in dirt and other contaminants which will eventually corrode your brake line. Your brake line should be removed from your scooter and wiped down. Here is an article describing how to remove your brake line from the scooter and once it is out, you can use a simple lubricant like WD-40 to wipe it down.

Tighten Stem Screws

  • Over time, your stem screws may become loose. Tightening them up again while also adding a small amount of loctite on the threads will help hold the screw in place.
  • After a year or two, if your scooter is repeatedly losing stem screws or they are consistently coming loose, we recommend replacing your current stem screws and using a small amount of loctite on the threads when screwing them back in. Stem screws are available for purchase here.

Brake Adjustment (maybe pads)

  • Consistent use of the brake will naturally loosen the brakes over time. This means that they will likely need to be re-adjusted. Check out our article here on adjusting your brakes.
  • If you have adjusted your brakes and they still aren't working as effectively as they used to, you may need to replace your brake pads. Check out our article here on replacing your brake pads. Brake pads are also available for purchase on our website here.

Top Off Air In The Tire

  • While this maintenance service is still offered in our bundle, we recommend to our customers to be filling up the air in their tires every 3-4 weeks rather than 180 days. Using the provided valve extender and a regular bike pump, you can fill your tires back up to their correct PSI


Please note: Should you decide to bring your scooter into Levy for the Preventative Package, there may be additional issues found by the mechanic, such as but not limited to, brake line replacement, hinge replacement, caliper replacement, etc. To have these services done, it would be an additional cost on top of the $60 preventative package.

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