Converting Pneumatic Tires to Solid

Our Levy electric scooters come with the option of standard tires that contain inner tubes and solid rubber tires.  There are tradeoffs to each of them, and we don't recommend one over the other, but rather leave it up to your personal preference. For more information on the different types of tires that are offer, please see here.


Converting the pneumatic tires to Solid Tires

Solid tires can be retrofitted on existing wheels that are currently using pneumatic tires, for both the 8.5" and 10" models. Our 10" solid tires can be put on the front or rear of the scooter, even if you have 8.5" tires currently.

We recommend having them installed by an experienced mechanic, as they require the proper tools and heating methods to put on your rims. Replacing The Front Tire With Solid Rubber Tire can be tough. This article will let you know tools you will need and how to complete the conversation.

An easier option would be to buy entire rear wheel sets with the tires already fitted on the rims. You can buy the rear wheel set on our website here and you can buy the front motor assembly here.

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