Replacing the tire on the Levy Electric Scooter

Estimated repair time: 20 minutes

Parts you'll need:

If you would like to try to put the new tire on yourself, you'll first need to either remove the front motor or rear wheel


Video instructions for the repair:

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  • My son has a Levy scooter and it is exceedingly difficult to change a tire.  I live in the Bay Area and could find only one bike shop willing to try but he really didn't want to and said it was very hard when he did.  When I picked up the scooter he said he didn't want to ever do it again.  After a month of being "fixed" the tire failed again and now the scooter just sits because there are no repair people in the Bay Area who are willing to fix the tire.  If something has changed and there are now repair centers in the Bay Area I'd love to know where/who they are.


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