Controller and Electronics Compatibility

Each version of our electric scooters have components that are specially programmed to work together.  Specifically, the Top Unit / LCD and Motor Controller must match the same programming in order to work properly together.


Scooter Controller Version LCD / Top Unit Version
Levy LZ-HX7-T010-K-V3-1 LZ-HX7-T010-YFF-VAO-2
Levy HX7FD003K-V1 HX7FD003Y-V1
Levy WC-KZQ-HX7-T010-K-V0_1 WC- HX7-T010-YFFM-V0_1
Levy Plus WC-KZQ-HX7-T010-K-V0_1 WC- HX7-T010-YFFM-V0_1
Levy Plus HX8FD003K-V1 HX8FD003Y-V1


****Levy no longer carries any 7-Pin version of the motor controller for the Levy Plus. Please see Plus Battery Connection if you are unsure whether you have a 3-pin or a 7-pin connection. 


Our Compatibility Chart shows all known firmwares versions that work together.


If you are unsure of the programming version of your scooter, please reach out to us by making a ticket on our website and provide us your order number so we can check. 

The specific version can also be found on the controller itself: 





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