Segway Error Code 14

Error Indication

  • Numeric value 14 is blinking in the dashboard.
  • The scooter beeps bit longer once, followed by 4 short beeps. The beeping pattern continues at a given fix interval.
  • The led blinking also follows the same pattern as beeping

 Reason for Error
This error indicate that the electronic throttle/accelerator is abnormal. Please check the throttle switch, and its related connection wires. So you can first check if the sensor is normal by checking the voltage difference across the wires. Please follow this manual on how to check the voltage



  1. Reset the scooter
  2. Replace the throttle switch
  3. Replace the controller

Please make sure that the firmware for hardware components are up to date and If the error persists after completing the given steps then contact with our support team for further diagnosis.

If you are facing this problem with MAX scooter then please try to disconnect and reconnect the cable of throttle in the dashboard as shown in the video below.


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