Can I leave the charger plugged in after a full charge?

It is safe to leave your charger plugged into the scooter even after it has reached a full charge (when charging overnight, for example).  However, we recommend not leaving the charger plugged in longer than it needs to be.  Keeping any lithium-ion battery at 100% capacity for a long period of time can put stress on the battery cells and have an adverse impact over time. 

Like any lithium-ion battery, it is better to not let the battery hit 0% before re-charging.  We recommend putting the battery on charge when it falls below 20% capacity (one bar on the battery indicator). 

It's important to note that with every charging cycle the capacity of any lithium-ion battery like the ones used in the Levy scooter will slightly diminish.  This happens very slowly over the course of hundreds of charging cycles.  Depending on your level of use, our batteries will last up to 2 years before we recommend replacing them (600 - 800 charging cycles). 

When storing batteries not in use, we recommend keeping them at a 40 - 60% charge level and keeping them in a cool climate. 

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