How does your fleet program work for private buildings (Hotels / Apartments)

Levy Fleets can be programmed as either private or open fleets when stationed at an Apartment or Hotel.  

When private, guests or tenants of your building will be provided a unique access code that can be used during registration that will allow them to access the scooters / bikes available for rent.  If the fleet is public, any outside user with the Levy app would be able to come and rent them.

Apartment and Hotel managers are free to set their own rental rates that users pay.  You can also have separate pricing for tenants vs the general public.   Many apartments we work with that offer these as an amenity will provide a certain number of free riding credits as part of their lease signing which we can also support. 

Our geofencing system will allow you to configure where scooters can be parked and ridden.  

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