Brake Pad and Caliper Replacement

Estimated Time to Complete: 15 minutes

Tools Required:

  • 5mm wrench

Parts Required:

  • New brake pads: Purchase here
  • Caliper: Purchase here
  • (Optional if needing of replacements) Caliper Bolts: Purchase here

Break Pad Replacement

  1. Your first step will be to remove the caliper from the disk. You will need to loosen the bolt on top of the caliper lever to release the brake line, before then unscrewing the screws that hold the caliper on the disk. Once the screws are off, you can remove the caliper from the disk.
  2. Using the brake pad tabs, pull out the old brake pads from the caliper and place in the new ones.
  3. Place the caliper with the new brake pads over the disk. Re-insert the screws to fix the caliper and place. Finally, re tighten the lever so that the pad is as close as possible to the disk without touching.

Caliper Replacement

Caliper replacement will follow the exact same steps as replacing the brake pads except the brake pad are pre installed on new calipers. We generally recommend replacing the full caliper instead of doing just the brake pad replacements.


Video Instructions:

Adjusting your Brakes:

Once you have replaced either your caliper or your brake pads, you will likely need to adjust your brakes to make sure they're working correctly. Linked below is a video providing instruction on how to perform these adjustments.


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