Brake Line Replacement

Estimated Time to Complete: 20-30 minutes

Tools Required:

  • 5 mm Hex Wrench
  • Wire cutters

Parts Required:

Written Instructions

  1. The first step is to remove the brake line from the caliper. Using a 5mm hex wrench, loosen the bolt tightening the line to the top of caliper lever and unscrew the plastic nut. Once this is completed, cut the cap from the end of the brake line. Finally, pull the brake line out of the caliper.
  2. Next you will need to remove the Brake line from the scooter. You will first need to pull the line out of the deck of the scooter. It can be grabbed and pulled out under the deck near the front wheel. Continue to pull the line out of the stem. Similar to the back brake, loosen the front brake caliper and remove the brake line completely.
  3. Take your silicon protector and start feeding it down through the hole at the top of the stem. Eventually, it will pop out of the bottom. When feeding, you will need to leave enough space on top so that it can be fed into the front brake caliper. Then just continue to feed the silicon protector through the exact same way that it was removed from. Now that the silicon protector is through, feed the brake line through the protector starting from the front brake caliper. Again, like with the protector, make sure to leave enough line on top to fit through caliper.
  4. At the back caliper, feed the caliper connector onto the brake line, then the brake line cap, then the spring. The cap should slip into the connector. Then, snake the brake line through the front of the brake caliper and then screw that connector on. Once it is screwed on, push the silicon protector as close as possible to it so that dirt and other contaminants cannot get onto the brake line. Once that is tight, you can slip the brake line through the top of the caliper. Leave the lever screw loose until after we adjust the front caliper.
  5. On the front of the caliper, place the brake line into it exactly the same way you removed the previous line. In order to make this line taught and have the silicon fill into the caliper, take some needle-nose pliers and pull the brake line at the bottom caliper to pull out that slack.
  6. Push the caliper level until you start to feel some contact with the disc, and then you can re-tighten its bolt with your wrench.
  7. Test your brakes to see how the tension sets in. You will likely need to make minor adjustments to ensure your brakes are working. For information on how to make these adjustments, check out this article.

Video Instructions:

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