Connecting with Offline Segway Scooters Through Their Launcher App

If Segway Max scooters are offline then the best way to connect with them is through the bluetooth access on Segways Launcher app. 


Segway's Launcher app is available through the app store here

Login for the app is with Levy's Platform Code (U20010) and the Username and password you would have received from Levy separately. 

Once you are logged in to the app, the opening screen should show a 'Bluetooth' tile on the upper left hand part fo the screen. Selecting that tile will allow you to scan the QR code for a scooter to connect with. This will be the Segway QR code - not the one provided for Levy's rental app. IMG_858.png

Once scanned, the app should take you to this scooter's menu with several options to control the selected scooter. From here, selecting any of the icons will allow you to do as titled - lock, unlock, power off, etc.


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