How to attach the handlebar extender

Levy offers handlebar extenders for riders who want to increase the usable space of handlebars to mount accessories. Attaching the handlebar extender is not difficult but an be tricky. When you purchase a handlebar extender you will want to use the allen key supplied to loosen the claps. Take out the spacers and wrap both of them around the handlebar of your scooter. This will protect your handlebars from being scratched by the metal claps of the extender. 


Wrap the metal clasp over the spacers and tighten the screw with the provided allen key. Be sure to insert the screw from the side that has a larger hole to fit the head of the screw. If you are having to muscle the screw in, then it is not correct. Once the extender is securely fastened to the handlebar, loosen the other side of the extender. This will allow the provided bar to slide through and once the screws are tightened you will have completed the installation of the handlebar extender.


Below is a video to help show how to complete the steps listed above. 

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