How much should I charge for rentals?

Levy will work closely with you during set up to establish pricing targets.  We recommend starting out at $15/hr or $50 for the day.  Depending on demand, this can easily be adjusted over time.  We can also create special pricing packages for longer term rentals and monthly subscriptions.

Some buildings may choose to make rentals available for free as an added amenity.  This is also possible, and instead of a revenue share agreement there would be a fixed monthly fee for the operation of the scooters. 

Pricing can be configured for different time segments as well, for example a common pricing structure would be: 

$0.25 / minute
$15 / hour
$50 / day
$120 / week

Users only pay the pro-rated per minute cost for all trips.  For example, a 1 hour and 4 minute trip would be billed $16. 

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