Mobile App Registration and Verification

In order to create an account with Levy Electric, users begin by providing the following information: 

  • Email Address
  • First / Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address

Phone number will be verified by SMS code sent. 

After entering personal information, users will be prompted to provide a method of payment. To prevent potential fraud, Levy Electric does not accept prepaid debit cards. Our payment processor Stripe is used to verify payment information. Stripe's machine learning algorithms automatically evaluate the risk level of card payments and will block cards that are deemed risky. Some factors that will cause a card to be rejected include:

  • Prepaid Card
  • CVC Verification Fails
  • Zip Code Verification Fails 
  • Card has been reported stolen
  • Card Funding is Unknown 
  • Anonymous IP Address

If a payment method passes Stripes verification, we will then perform an additional internal verification of the user's personal information.  This service will perform lookups on available datasets that include major wireless carriers, utility providers, and other services that are used to correlate a person's name with a valid email address, phone number, and physical address. 

If our Fraud system detects that a person is entering fake phone numbers / emails / address data, it will block their account and send them SMS link to perform a final verification step.  This final verification step will prompt the user to upload a photo of the front / back of their ID and provide a selfie to ensure the person holding the ID is real.  


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