Controlling the Levy’s Speed-Limit Settings

There are two ways to control the Levy’s speed-limit settings: Use the P4 function (Maximum speed-limit setting) in conjunction with the Levy’s three Speed Mode settings. Limiting your speed using these methods enhances rider safety and extends the range of your battery. You can choose which method to prioritize.

The Maximum speed-limit setting (P4 function) are:

FF: full-function (or 18mph)

25kph: (or 15mph)

20kph: (or 13mph)


The Speed Modes are:

Beginner mode (no D): 6mph limit

Eco mode (gray D): 10mph limit

Sport mode (red D): 18mph (max. speed / matches FF setting above)


To set the Speed Mode (Beginner / Eco / Sport), press the Menu button to toggle through the options. You’ll see no D, a gray D, or a red D on the LCD Display as you toggle.

To have the most flexibility with your speed, set the P4 function to FF and the Speed Mode to Sport: That enables you to ride at any speed up to 18mph, the Levy’s maximum speed.

To prioritize the P4 speed limits, set the Speed Mode to Sport, and set P4 to either 25kph (15mph) or 20 kph (13mph).

To prioritize the Speed Mode limits, set the P4 function to FF, and set the Speed Mode to Beginner, Eco, or Sport.

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