How to Turn the Scooter and Taillights On/Off & Activate the Throttle

To turn the scooter On/Off, press and hold the Power Button on the throttle for 2 seconds. 

To turn the taillights On/Off, double-press the Menu button on the throttle.

Please note, the blinking taillight will always be activated as a safety feature when braking, even if riding during the day. 

To activate the throttle, remember to Kick-Push the scooter first and be moving at greater than 2 mph to engage the motor, then press your thumb down on the throttle. Why? Kick-pushing preserves the battery life of your scooter. You can disable the Kick-Push function (the default setting) and start from a standstill, but remember that you’ll use more battery power and reduce the range of your scooter if you do, since starting from a standstill requires extra power consumption. See here for information on changing this setting.



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