What do I need to setup when my scooter arrives?

Setting up your scooter only takes a few minutes once your package arrives. 

  1. The handle grips will need to be screwed in - each side is marked appropriately.  
  2. The handbrake will need to be tightened to the steering column.  There is a small wrench included to do this. 
  3. The tires should be topped off to the appropriate PSI.  Pneumatic tires can loose pressure while in transit. We recommend keeping tires inflated between 35 - 45 PSI.

It's important to top up the tire pressure often, at least every other week when riding frequently.  Riding on low PSI can cause your tires to more easily puncture on develop leaks around the sidewall. 

  1. To get started riding, fold up the scooter and lock it into place using the metal latch, and slide the plastic clip over top to secure it in place. 
  2. The battery should come with a 60% charge, so you'll be ready for a test ride as soon as it's unboxed and set up. 


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