How does the swappable battery pack work?

Additional battery packs can be purchased separately for the Levy Electric Scooter.  Each battery pack has a 6.4aH capacity, and around a 10 mile range on sport mode:  Additional Battery Pack

The Levy Plus battery pack has a capacity of 10.4aH, and is only compatible with the Plus scooter (not the original Levy).  

Battery packs can be charged outside of the scooter, as they contain a separate charging port on the casing of the battery.  The cases themselves are fireproof and waterproof - do not attempt to open them for whatever reason. 

Overtime, as battery technology improves, Levy may release battery packs that are reverse compatible with prior models of the Levy scooter, but contain a higher energy density and capacity.  

Battery packs weigh 3.3 pounds, and measure 19 inches tall with a 2 inch diameter.  Easy enough carry in an average size backpack. 


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