How waterproof is the scooter?

The Levy scooter has a IP54 waterproof rating.  The scooter can withstand light to heavy rain with no damage to the electronics.  Riding through puddles up to a a few inches would be safe given that the battery and core electronics are both located above the wheel of the scooter, versus most scooters that have the battery installed under the floorboard. 

Leaving the scooter in the rain would be okay, however to prevent rust and premature aging of the scooter we would recommend that it's always kept indoors. 

While the Levy's pneumatic tires provide better wet surface traction than scooters with solid tires, please be sure to exercise caution when riding in the rain.  Visibility can be reduced and there is a higher likelihood of skidding or slipping off the scooter. 

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