My tire is punctured / flat

As replacing / repairing tires requires disassembly of the scooter and proper tools to change the tire, we recommend taking your scooter to a mechanic / bike shop that is experienced with tire replacements.

For Tubeless Tires

If you get a flat and your tires are tubeless, it's possible to seal the puncture with tire sealant if it is small enough.  Because these are tubeless tires, you will need access to an air compressor that is capable of delivering at least 120 PSI to re-seat the tire onto the rim.  
After the tire is seated correctly on the rim - ensure the pressure does not exceed 60 PSI before riding.
If the puncture is too large where Tire Slime cannot seal it, you will likely need to install a new tire which are available for purchase on our website. 

For Tubed Tires

If you are using inner tubed tires and develop a flat / puncture, you will likely need to either patch or replace the inner tube.  Inner tubes are available for purchase on our website and instructions for installing here

It's important to top up the tire pressure often, at least every other week when riding frequently. Riding on low PSI can cause your tires to more easily puncture or develop leaks around the sidewall.

Recommended products: Tire Slime, Valve Extender
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