What PSI should I keep the tires inflated at?

We recommend keeping tires inflated between 50 - 60 PSI for the Levy tubeless tires and 35 - 40 PSI for the Levy Plus tubed tires.   Keeping pressure at the lower end of this range can improve shock absorption, while a higher PSI can improve the range of the scooter. 
When your tires are low on air, which can sometimes be hard to notice, you risk air pressure leakage which can cause flats or punctures to the inner tube of the tire.  Riding on a flat tire for an extended period of time can cause permanent damaged to the tire and require a replacement. 

It's important to top up the tire pressure often, at least every other week when riding frequently. Riding on low PSI can cause your tires to more easily puncture or develop leaks around the sidewall.

To better prevent flats from occurring due to punctures, we recommend using either tubleess tire sealent or tube sealent to add an extra protective layer to your tires.  See more here.  
To inflate the front tire, a valve extender might be necessary depending on the pump you are using.  We include these in the box for all Levy models that use tubeless tires. 


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