Where are the vehicles parked in my Fleet?

Levy Fleets supports a hybrid design when it comes to parking support.  There are 3 main ways you can configure your system to define parking. 

Free-Floating:  Fleets that have obtained city permits will be able to have their vehicles parked on public property and there are minimal zoning restrictions.  This means large geofence boundaries are created throughout the city to show where users can end their trips via the Levy App. 

Geofenced Parking Zones:  If vehicles can only be returned to fixed locations, geofenced boundaries can be drawn around specific locations, like outside of a storefront or hotel.  This means users will need to have their vehicles brought back to these fixed locations before they can end their trip. 

Docking Stations: Some operators prefer vehicles to be returned to docking stations where they can be automatically locked in place and charged upon the end of the trip.  Levy Fleets integrates with most of the top docking station providers. 

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