Upgrading the Controller Firmware on Omni IoT Scooters

Step 1

Include a test case and choose the corresponding authorization code based on your specific requirements for the FM-C1 scooter and the FM-C1 PRO scooter.

Scooter details and corresponding authorization codes are provided:


For scooter FM-C1:

Test case:FS_feishen-1.1sample(1.1)
Authorization code for IOT:P543s
Test case for controller: FS_feishen-1.1sample(Controller 1.1)
Authorization code for controller upgrade:0L4b5


Latest Controller Firmware: 2416

Latest IoT Firmware: V1.1.8


For scooter FM-C1 PRO:


Test case 测试项:FS_飞神-1.5
Authorization code for IOT upgrade:F56W3
Test case for controller: 飞神(Controller 1.5)
Authorization code for controller upgrade:02gHK


Latest Controller Firmware: 2431

Latest IoT Firmware: V1.2.8



Step 2

To upgrade the IOT, directly use the test cases that do not involve the controller. For controller upgrades, firstly employ the IOT test case to update the IOT firmware to its most recent version. Only the latest IOT firmware can support controller upgrades. 

Wait for the completion message from the toolbar and confirm the operation with the flashes from the headlights and two beeps. The test case will then re-log, completing the upgrade. Verify if the upgrade was successful by checking the IOT version. The whole upgrade process should take about 5 minutes. Note that there may be some discrepancies during the upgrade, such as the absence of lights and beep sounds, missing page redirects, or other unusual displays. However, these will not affect the final result—you just need to confirm the version change for successful operation.

Instructions and images detailing how to use the app to upgrade the IOT and controller versions

After this, log into the relevant controller upgrade test case to upgrade the controller. You can choose to log in either through QR code scanning or device scanning. Once logged in, select the Bluetooth upgrade and ensure that the controller version option is correct. Click "Upgrade" to start the upgrade process. After the data is successfully transferred, wait for at least 5 minutes before checking the controller version. The entire data transfer occurs inside the IOT, which then transmits it to the controller. This transmission process should take about 5 minutes. If you exit the page during this period, it will display "upgrading". Continue to wait until the upgrade is completed and the version changes.

Instructions and images detailing how to log in and start the upgrade process along with what different screen displays might mean

Instructions for OTA batch upgrade:
If your server supports OTA, please alter the following server commands accordingly.


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