Dropshipping Returns

Dropshipper Return Policy

  1. Product Defects: We only accept returns for products that are defective. The defect must be reported to us within 14 days of delivery. If a customer reports a defect, you, as our dropshipper, are obliged to provide details and evidence of the defect, such as photographs or a detailed explanation.

  2. Notifying Us: In the case of a reported defect, you should promptly notify us via email to support@levyelectric.com.

  3. Returning the Product: Once we have confirmed the reported defect and authorized a return, we will provide a return label which you should forward to the customer to return the product. The returned product should be sent to our designated address. 

  4. Refund or Replacement: Upon receipt of the returned product, we will inspect the item. If we confirm that the product is defective, we will either:

    • Send a replacement product directly to the customer, or
    • Provide a full refund to the customer through you.
  5. Non-defective products: We do not accept returns or exchanges for non-defective products. If you, as a dropshipper, decide to accept a return for a non-defective product, the returned product will become property of the dropshipper and you can choose to keep it or sell is as a refurbished unit. 

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