Where can I order parts for our rental fleet if something breaks?

Levy purchases and stocks common spare parts for rental fleet electric scooters.  We make these available to you at wholesale pricing and ship them directly from our US warehouse. 

For many common repairs - our team has also recorded videos for installation steps. 

The most common repairs on these vehicles are cosmetic parts that can be damaged as a result of user negligence / vandalism.  Such parts could include fenders, plastic fairings, handlebars, headlights / taillights, and brake handles.   

We generally estimate one in ten scooters in a given year would necessitate a repair like this. 

It's very uncommon that a rental grade scooter would require the replacement of an electric component like a motor, controller, or battery in the first 2 years of operation.  In the rare case a component like this malfunctions, Levy will work directly with the fleet partner on getting the product professionally repaired. 

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