Policy on Customer Chargebacks and Payment Fraud


This policy sets forth the company's response when a customer makes a purchase and subsequently files a chargeback with their credit card issuer. A chargeback occurs when a customer disputes a charge from our company. Additionally, this policy outlines our company’s course of action if it is determined that a chargeback results from unauthorized use of payment means or credit card theft. Our aim is to clearly define responsibilities and potential repercussions in such cases.

Policy Statement

Our company is dedicated to maintaining superior products and services. If a customer instigates a chargeback, regardless of reason, we shall adhere to the following policy and expect the customer to adhere to their responsibilities as outlined below.

Policy Guidelines

Investigation of Chargeback Claim

In the event of a chargeback claim, our team will embark on a thorough investigation process. Our investigation will include a thorough review of transaction details, internal records, correspondences and every other relevant proof of purchase.


Handling Unauthorized Use and Stolen Credit Cards

If the investigation concludes that the chargeback results from unauthorized use of a credit card, theft, or a fraudulent transaction, the customer will be held accountable for all administrative and legal costs associated with the investigation and resolution of the claim. To protect our business interests, we will notify law enforcement agencies about the unauthorized or unlawful activity. By taking this step, a criminal investigation will be initiated under suspicion of payment fraud.


Communication with Customer and Third-Party Authorities

Simultaneously, we will notify the customer of the chargeback claim. If the chargeback is suspected to result from unauthorized use of credit card or payment means, we may involve third-party authorities to corroborate our suspicion. We will maintain transparent communication and attempt conflict resolution before escalating the matter further.


Customer Responsibility for Administrative Fees

The customer must take responsibility for purchases made, and thus we hold customers accountable for any and all financial aspects linked to the chargebacks filed. This includes the administrative fees incurred during the investigation, documentation, transaction processing and resolution of the chargeback claim.  Additionally - the resolution fee charged by the processing bank will also be passed to the customer. 


Unjustified Chargebacks and Stolen Credit Cards

Upon resolution of a chargeback claim, if it is determined that the claim emerged due to unauthorized usage of credit card or was fraudulent in nature, the customer will be held liable for all administrative costs incurred. Additionally, we reserve the right to pursue civil and criminal charges against the customer for actions amounting to wire fraud.


Invoicing and Recovery of Administrative Fees

Customers found to have filed unjustified chargebacks will be invoiced for the relevant administrative charges, payable within an agreed time frame.


Termination of Services

Instances of ungrounded chargeback claims, unauthorized use of payment or any other fraudulent activities may lead to the termination of ongoing services. We also reserve the right to refuse any future business interactions with the customer in such circumstances.



Our company is committed to adhering to lawful, transparent business practices. Customers filing chargeback claims must fully understand the financial consequences of their actions. It is recommended that customers experience any issues with our products or services to reach out to our customer service team before escalating the dispute with their credit card issuer. Our primary aim is to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

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