Running Remote Commands on Vehicles



How to Run Basic Vehicle Commands on Your Scooter

Remote Commands

Once you locate your scooter within your web application, you will find all the remote commands you can run. They work over the air and send instructions directly to your scooter. These commands range from controlling the lock status to adjusting speed limits.

Unlock and Lock

The unlock and lock commands are the most frequently used. You might need to unlock your scooter manually to move it or ride it without an active trip in the system. The scooter can be locked again when it's not in use, adding a layer of security against unauthorized use.

Lights On and Off

The lights on and lights off commands control the scooter's illumination. By default, the lights turn on when a trip starts. However, you can manually switch them on or off using these commands.

Engine On and Off

The engine on and engine off commands are similar to the unlock and lock commands. Even if your scooter is unlocked, you can use the engine off command to disable the motor from engaging. While this isn't a common use case, it's available if needed.

Swap Out Function

The swap out function is used with the unlock battery lock command. This can be useful when you need to exchange the scooter's battery.

Speed Limits

You can also set speed limits on your scooter. By default, this is set to 25 kilometers per hour, the usual pre-programmed mode that scooters come in. However, you can lower this limit if you wish. Speed modes can be adjusted to different values like 15, 20, or 25 kilometers per hour based on your preference.

While making these changes, the application will display either success or failure commands. This informs you whether the scooter has received and implemented the function properly.

Unfortunately, on the newest scooters, there isn't a way to change speed modes directly on the scooter. Instead, this must be done through the application. For example, to set your scooter into sport mode, you would make the adjustment within the app.

Getting Updated Location

Sometimes, you might need to update the scooter's location, especially if the GPS seems to be out of place. In such cases, you can run a command to get the scooter's most up-to-date location. When you return to the vehicle status on your app, it should reflect the most recent location of your scooter.


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