Creating Parking Zones in Levy Fleets

Parking Zones are the only zones that are 100% required to run the fleet, as it determines where trips can be ended.  Without parking zones users would be unable to end their trip.   It determines where scooters are to be dropped off after they are finished riding.

In some cases with a large public fleet, this means the parking zones could be the entire city, or certain areas within the city. 

For smaller private fleets, this could be mean just an individual building or storefront.

The configuration in the backend dashboard is the same for each though.  The zones are configured by drawing a fence on Google Maps that indicates the zone.  This is done by drawing individual line segments until the geofence is enclosed and completed. 

Please note that satellite based GPS is accurate within 150 - 200 feet on average.  This is the case with both the GPS device in the scooter as well as the GPS within the user’s mobile phone.  We use a combination of both signals to get the most accurate location of the rider.  But given the variance, we recommend drawing the borders of the geofence around 200 feet larger around the permitter to account for this.   


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