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What shipping carriers do you use?

At this time, we use many of the major carriers such as USPS, UPS and Canada Post. We are always working to add more carrier options for your convenience. Shipping by air is not an option with products that contain lithium batteries. International shipments will only be allowed for products crossing physical borders by ground transit, such as between the US and Canada.


What if I don't know the exact weight and dimensions of my package?

Please include the most accurate measurements you are able to gather. It is imperative that all the information is accurate in order to prevent further charges for you shipment. If there are any discrepancies in regards to the dimensions of the box and/or weight then the credit card that was used to purchase the label will be charged to make up the difference.

In many cases, rates will be assessed using the dimensional weight of the package. Always round up any measurement to the next unit. For example, a measurement of 10.25 inches must be entered as 11 inches. As your package is in transit, the carrier will perform scans to check the actual dimensions against reported dimensions. If they are not matching, the carrier will assess a fee difference that will be charged to the shipper of the package.


Can I ship other electric scooters besides the Levy with this service?

You may ship other electric scooters using this tool, however the scooters and batteries must both be UL2272 certified. If you are unsure whether your scooter has this certification, please reach out to our support team and we can help. We may not have access to this information for all brands and you may need to reach out to the company that produced the scooter that you are trying to ship.


Can I schedule a pickup for my package?

At this time we do not support package pickups. However, you can contact the shipping carrier’s customer service directly if you would like to schedule a pickup. They may charge you a fee for the service.

USPS Schedule a Pickup

UPS Schedule a Pickup

Canada Post Pickups - Please note that this service is not allowed everywhere.


Where can I drop off my package?

Your local post office should be able to help when shipping USPS.  To find your local post office be check here. You can locate a UPS drop off point using the UPS Locator. Canada Post offers a Find a Post Office page on their website.


Should I require a signature for my package?

If you feel the destination that you are sending your scooter to may not be secure enough for an unattended drop off, we recommend signature confirmation. Insurance will not cover packages that go missing after drop off if signature confirmation was not selected.


Can I change details about the label after purchase?

No. In order to prevent postage fraud, all shipments are unable to be changed after creation/label purchase. The solution to this scenario is to cancel/void/refund the previously created label with the incorrect options and create a new shipment and label with the options that are desired.


Can I insure my shipment?

Yes, packages can be insured up to $5000.  Insurance covers accidental loss or damage to your shipment while it is in the possession of the shipping carrier.


If I don't have the original box, how should I package my shipment?

If you don't have your original packing supplies, we recommend taking the scooter to a UPS store where the staff can help you purchase an appropriate size box and packing materials. Scooters that are not appropriately packaged may be denied an insurance claim in the case of damage.


Can I cancel my shipment after purchase?

Yes, if you need to cancel your shipment as long as the label was not used. Please contact our support team for help. We can cancel and refund the purchase within The appropriate carrier’s time frame.

USPS - 28 Days

UPS - 30 Days

Canada Post - 30 days


Can I change the destination address after my shipment is in transit?

Yes, however this can sometimes incur a fee. The fee will vary depending on which carrier was used to send your scooter. Please contact either Levy or the carrier for assisting you with re-routing the package.


What is the maximum size package I can send?

Packages must be less than 108" in length, less than 165" inches in length + girth combined, and under 150lbs. See more on size and weight requirements here: https://www.ups.com/us/en/help-center/packaging-and-supplies/weight-size.page


International Ship Your Scooter

When shipping your scooter across the boarder additional information is needed for customs. Incorrect information can cause delays, additional charges, or for the package to be returned to the origin address. It is imperative that all your information is accurate to avoid any issues.

Once you enter in the origination and destination addresses you will be taking to a customs page. Here you will be prompted to enter what are the package’s contents as well as any restrictions that it may need. Please be accurate in your description and valve.


Who is the customs signer?

The custom signer is the person who is claiming that the information on the customs forms is accurate.


What is a HS Tariff Number?

The HS Coding System, also known as the Harmonized System of tariff nomenclature is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers to classify traded products. The HS is organized logically by economic activity or component material.


What HS Tariff Number should I use?

This number will change depending on what you are sending. If this number is incorrect it can cause some major issues in clearing customs. Below are some of the common codes used when shipping your scooter and/or any related parts. If your shipment does not fit the below criteria you can check this list to find the correct code for your shipment.

When shipping your scooter use HS Tarriff Number 8711.60.0900

When shipping any parts for your scooter use HS Tarriff Number 8714.99.80.00.

When shipping your battery use HS Tarriff Number 8507.60.00.

When shipping a scooter for repair or to be returned use 9801.10.0000

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