Maintenance Schedule for Fleet Scooters

The following is our required maintenance schedule for all fleet electric scooters. 


Real-time:  Any onboard error codes that indicate malfunctions, or user reported issues via the Levy app will cause a vehicle to immediately be removed as active from the fleet until further physical inspection. 


Weekly:  Weekly physical inspection checks include Brake checks, Headlight / Taillight Tests, Tire Checks, Electronic Motor Function tests. 

  • Brake checks will require that the brake handle application will bring the scooter to a complete stop with wheel lock within 8 feet at a maximum speed of 15 mph.  
  • Headlight / Tail light checks ensure each light reaches 80 lumen - clear visibility to the human eye both at night and during the day. 
  • Tire check will include looking for any physical objects that have punctured the rubber and applicable thread and traction required for safe operation.  Tires should be changed after every 900 km of riding. 
  • Electronic Motor test will ensure throttle engagement properly accelerates the motor up to the configured maximum speed, and that disengagement immediately stops power to the motor.

Monthly:  Monthly physical rides should be performed to check for overall riding performance.  This includes steering radius, kickstand operability, any fastened bolts, screws, nuts are checked to ensure they are intact and not loose.  


Firmware Upgrades:  Firmware updates will be performed by the Levy team regularly when any new releases are made available.  Firmware updates are intended to improve onboard software functionality related to things such as: 

  • Onboard error reporting and diagnostics 
  • GPS and location reporting 
  • Speed and motion detection software
  • Improved integration with the Levy mobile apps
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