What happens is someone steals a rental scooter?

Levy Fleet scooters are equipped with multiple anti-theft mechanisms. These include an on-board alarm that activates if the scooter is moved by an unauthorized user, a mechanical wheel lock that prevents the wheels from spinning when not properly secured, and an SMS alert system. This system notifies both Levy's support team and the local operating partners whenever a scooter is being tampered with.

In the rare case of theft, either by the renter or someone who has unauthorized access to the scooters, Levy will provide real-time GPS tracking for the vehicles.  

Renters are responsible for the value of the vehicle that is lost / stolen while in their possession.  If the scooter is stolen from them while on an active trip, Levy will require them to immediately file a police report.  We will provide the vehicle's serial number based on the information we have in our system.  If we determine the vehicle was stolen due to a rider's negligence or violation of our rental agreement, we will put a hold on the account's card until the vehicle is retrieved.  If it is not, they will be responsible for the cost and the payment will be charged. 

In the case the scooter is stolen from a location while not on an active trip or in the possession of a rider, this will be considered felony theft and should be reported to the Police as soon as it is discovered the vehicle is missing.  Levy's software can automatically generate alerts when a scooter that is not on active trip begins moving.  Sharing location with Operating Partners and local authorities is the first step to retrieving the vehicle. 

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