Geofencing and setting ridable boundaries

Geofencing can work in two ways, either as a no-go zone where vehicles will be stopped if they enter that territory, or as a low-speed zone where they will be slowed down to a very low riding speed upon crossing into that territory.

In both cases - the user will be notified that they are entering a special zone with both a push notification as well as an in-app message that shows the geofenced boundaries.  Once the scooter leaves the zone, normal riding functionality will be restored.  

The third type of zone is an incentive zone or "Bonus Zone" where users can be incentivized with free riding credits or bonuses if they return their vehicle to a specific location, for example - to facilitate charging or to return the vehicle to a location that is seeing high demand. 
Bonus zone - if the users end rides in the bonus zone, they will get a bonus to either their ride or their wallet. In case the user is charged after the ride, the bonus is received before the ride is charged. It means the user will be charged -X% of the trip. For example, a bonus is set to 10% of the ride price, cost per ride $4, user is charged $3.60 as $0.40 was deducted as a bonus. In case the user rides using a bonus, their ride costs will be deducted from the bonus in full and afterwards they will receive the bonus zone bonus amount in their wallets.
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