What makes our lithium ion battery packs safe from fires

As mentioned here and in our blog post - there are a few main reasons batteries can catch fire.  Here is what makes our battery packs different in terms of how they are built. 

1) Our batteries contain built-in protection circuits, called a BMS in the electric vehicle industry.  These protection circuits help prevent overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuiting. All Levy Batteries come with state of the art BMS systems to ensure a battery pack is always operating at safe voltages and heat levels. 

2) Levy's chargers automatically prevent voltage above the required range.  Combined with our battery's BMS, this a secondary safety measure to ensure voltage never goes above the allowable range in our battery packs, as charging a lithium-ion battery pack outside of its recommended voltage range can cause it to overheat and catch fire.

3) Fire and puncture proof outer casing.  Our battery packs are completely enclosed in a metal outer casing.  Making them drop proof and puncture proof, as physical damage to a lithium-ion battery pack can cause it to short-circuit in rare occasions.

4) Reputable components.  Our chargers and battery packs are produced according to detailed specifications and strict quality control measures, and come with the highest quality UL Lab ratings.  Always know how you are buying from before ordering components like this, and always try to order from the original source and don't compromise on quality. 

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