Cancelling / Returning an Item Ordered Through Amazon

If you would like to make a return and you purchased your item through us via Amazon, your return must be made through Amazon.


If your item has not yet shipped

  • Contact Amazon and continue to process your return. We will hold your item for 24 hours while Amazon processes your request. If you have not confirmed your return with Amazon in 24 hours, the item will be shipped out per Amazon's policy.

If your item has already been shipped

  • If your order has already been fulfilled, you will need to request a return label from Amazon for your order. Once you receive your item, you can ship it back.

If you have already received your item

  • Please contact us through our support ticketing service which can be found here. We can help with any issues you maybe having with the product. If it is determined that your item is in fact, defective, you may proceed in processing your refund through Amazon. From there, you will need to request a return shipping label through Amazon's website. Once the item is received it will be evaluated and a refund will be issued.
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