Monthly Subscriptions FAQ


Where are monthly subscriptions available? 

Currently, subscriptions are only available in New York and must be picked up / dropped off from our headquarters at 143 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002. 


What is the monthly cost? 

Monthly cost varies by the model of scooter you are renting.  Our Levy scooter is $70 / month and our Levy Plus scooter is $90 / month, taxes included.  The first monthly payment will be made at the start of the subscription and is processed on the card on file in your app. 


What is included with the scooter? 

All subscriptions come with a scooter, a charger, and lock.  If you don't already have a lock and plan on temporarily leaving your scooter parked outside, we recommend using one of our locks as renters are responsible for stolen scooters. Locks and keys that are not returned will result in a charge of the current value of the lock.


How do I cancel and return? 

At any time your subscription can be cancelled and returned to us.  Levy does not pro-rate for partially used months.  


Is there are rent to own policy? Can I buy this scooter?

After 3 months (90 days) of a rental subscription, renters will receive a 20% credit off the purchase of a new Levy or Levy Plus scooter. Levy and Levy Plus Scooters are always available for purchase online and in store. 


What happens if my scooter is broken or not working?

Subscribers are not responsible for normal wear and tear* or maintenance of their scooters. If your Levy scooter is broken or not working properly, you can bring it back to Levy's store at 143 Ludlow st., New York, NY 10002, to be serviced or replaced at no extra cost. Subscribers may be responsible (up to the full retail price) for items broken due to misuse, neglect, or accidental damage. 

*Normal wear and tear encompasses flat tires, warn brakes, and minor scratches, chips, dents, etc. 


What happens if my scooter is stolen? 

Subscribers are responsible for the scooter, charger, and locks that are given out with their subscriptions. If a scooter is lost or stolen, a police report should be filed and Levy should be contacted immediately. The renter may be expected to pay up to the full retail amount of the items that are lost or stolen. 


Are there daily or weekly subscriptions? 

Levy offers daily and hourly rentals through our rental app. Daily and hourly rentals are not billed as a subscription.  There are no subscription options available for any period less than one month. If subscribers do not want to use the whole month paid for, they can drop off their rentals at any point during their rental period. Levy does not pro-rate for partially used months.  


Can I subscribe to more than one scooter at a time?

Yes - up to 3 per user. 


Can I rent out my Levy Scooter with the app?

No, any scooters rented out through subscriptions or otherwise by Levy are the property of Levy. Levy does not currently have a buyback program for Levy Scooters and does not support independent owners using their scooters as rentals through our app.  For more information on how our fleet program works, see here


Can I have my subscription shipped or delivered to me? 

Unfortunately at this time all subscription scooters are pick up only. 


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