Are electric scooters legal in my area?

View our most up to date interactive map here as a reference to the latest laws on electric scooter legality in your city / state.

Electric scooter laws are constantly evolving, while some cities have specific regulations regarding speed and permissible areas to ride electric scooters - most laws are governed at the state level.  We have compiled regulations for all states and major metro areas here as a reference. 

Unlike dockless / free-floating fleets that allow pick ups / drop offs on public streets, our fleets are only managed from private property.  This means users will have to pick up and return to designated locations and can not leave their scooters parked on public space at the end of the trip.  

Private building owners looking to launch rentals from their space will not need  permission from the city as is common from transit operators that provide large, city wide fleets that can be picked up and dropped in any area.  

Private rentals like these will be governed by the same regulations as owning and riding a personal electric scooter. 

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