Levy Plus Battery Connection Solutions


Having an external battery that is easy to remove and replace is a convenient feature of the Levy Plus Scooter. This feature does create the possibility for connection issues to occur between the scooter and the battery. Battery connection issues can often be fixed by making adjustments to the bracket that holds the battery in place or the pin that connects the controller to the battery. See this article to learn more: Adjusting the Battery Bracket on the Levy Plus. If battery connection issues are left unchecked for too long, It is possible that the battery and/or controller have become damaged and need to be fixed or replaced. 


Damage to the battery often appears as charring or melting around the batteries connection port (see picture below). Once the connection port gets damaged the battery may not be able to connect to the scooter. If this occurs, the battery can be sent out to Levy's NYC store to have this connection port fixed. Since this repair is costly, it is often recommended to have the battery replaced completely. 



The pins that connect the motor controller to the battery can also be damaged. If either of the two pins on the connection point pictured below are loose, sticking out, or pushed in, the controller will need to be replaced.



Levy has newly designed controllers and batteries that help prevent this connection problem. If you are looking to replace the controller or battery because of damage due to connection issues, please consider asking about these newly designed components to help avoid issues in the future!


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