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Modify Vehicle States

Vehicles have actions which are directly related to their information on the Backend - Vehicle Actions - and to their IOTs, in Hardware Actions.



Vehicle Actions:

  • View Vehicle: accesses all the information regarding the vehicle;

  • Edit Vehicle: configures information and features of the vehicle;

  • Change State: changes the state of the vehicle, e.g., from active to maintenance; (it is possible to configure the states, its colors and names, under Vehicle States:
  • View Reservations: accesses to all travel data of this vehicle

  • QR-Code: image of the vehicle’s QR-Code.

Hardware Actions: when the vehicles are presenting abnormal behaviors, such as, wrong address, not being reached on the app, and so on, it is recommended to trigger the hardware actions, and analyze the updated data. Some actions are available for specific vehicle types and their IOTs.

  • Refresh State: pulls current data from the IOT;

  • Unlock & Mobilize: activates and makes rideable the vehicle, without reservation or booking;

  • Lock & Immobilize: deactivates and blocks the vehicle;

  • Lock: closes/blocks the vehicle;

  • Unlock: opens/starts the vehicle;

  • Honk: lights up or makes a sound;

  • Modify Max Speed: Change the max speed that the scooter can go (in KMH)

  • Toggle Speed Unit: Change the speed unit in km/h or mph;

  • Shutdown: Switches the vehicle off


General Actions on Vehicles:

  • Add: creates a single vehicle;

  • Create Multiple Vehicles: creates multiple vehicles at the same time;

  • Update Multiple Vehicles: configures vehicle’s information and features in bulk;

  • Update Multiple License Plates: updates the license plates in bulk;

  • Print QR-Codes: accesses to the all created vehicle’s QR-Codes;

  • Print QR-Codes with custom ID’s: generates the QR-Code ranges for the vehicles;

  • Refresh State of All Vehicles: pulls current data from the IOTs of the all vehicles.


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