Adjusting the battery bracket on the Levy Plus

If you're riding your Levy Plus on rough pavement / streets, you might want consider adjusting the battery bracket to help secure it in place more snugly.  

By default, we use spacers on the bracket to make it easier to insert and remove the Plus batteries.  However, this means that the battery can move around when going over bumps or pot holes, resulting in the power temporarily cutting out.  This would result in a E or F error code on the LCD display.   If this is happening often, you might want to consider following the steps in the video below to remove the spacing washers on your battery bracket help secure it in place more tightly. 



If there is only minor movement of the battery inside the scooter, an easier solution would be applying a strip of 1/2" tape onto the battery to provide a tighter fit:



If after following the steps above there is still vertical movement of the battery while riding, a final remediation would be replacing the controller or inserting spacing washers to raise the surface of the controller's connection to the battery itself, as shown in the video below:



The washers used are size M3,  7mm Outer Diameter / 3mm Inner Diameter / 1mm Thickness, as found here.  We can also send them directly to you, please just send us a note to



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