How We Handle Payments & Failed Payments

Upon completion of a trip, a fee based on the trip duration/distance is created. Approximately 5 minutes later, an invoice is created and charged to the customer. 

In the case of a failed invoice, the user's account is immediately blocked until the invoice is paid or you manually re-enable the account. If the failed payment occurs in the middle of a trip, the scooter will automatically slow down to 5 MPH to prevent full use prior to payment. Concurrently, the user will be sent an SMS and email message notifying them of the failed payment and requesting they input an updated payment method. 

After 7 days, the system will attempt to charge the invoice again. If this is successful, the account is reinstated. If this invoice fails again, Levy we will re-try to process the payment again every 7 days along with notifications to the customer if it continues to fail.

After 30 days of non-payment, the customer will be contacted directly by Levy customer support notifying them that their account will be referred to 3rd party collections if timely payment is not made on the account. 

At any time, the customer will be able to upload a new method of payment through their mobile app if their current card is not working / has insufficient funds. 


Manually re-processing payments

If a payment fails and you want to try to re-process the payment before it is automatically retried on the 7 day schedule, you trigger the invoice from the customer's dashboard page: 





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